Buying a home can be a headache sometimes but Rightmove is trying to make things a bit easier, especially for families with kids, Greycoat specialists comment. They’ve just introduced a cool new feature called the School Checker. This new technology will help you look at property listings and it will give you the lowdown on nearby schools.

It will check how good they are academically, where exactly they’re located, and other important variables. This is very important for parents who want to factor in educational opportunities when choosing their next home. But that’s not all; believe it or not, Greycoat informs, the whole home-buying process is actually speeding up!

A recent study found that it’s taking nearly a month less on average to go from agreeing to a sale to finally getting those keys in hand. At this rate, we could be looking at record-breaking numbers of homes being bought and sold by the end of the year. The Experts at Greycoat Real Estate have some interesting thoughts on all this. They agree the School Checker is a great resource for families.

But, Greycoat adds, they’re a little concerned about making sure the data is accurate and up-to-date. And as for the faster selling times, they say it could be a double-edged sword. Sure, it’s great for buyers but there’s a risk of people feeling rushed into such a huge commitment without really thinking it through properly.

So, while all these new property tech tools and quicker processes seem handy in theory, the successful Greycoat Real Estate reminds us to keep an eye on the finer details. The real estate game is evolving rapidly, and we’ve to keep up without getting ahead of ourselves.