Wessex Institute Has an Excellent Reputation and is Expanding

January 1, 2017Education, Technology Standard

Wessex Institute of Technology is an international post-graduate college that has been growing in the past decade because of the educational conferences and the perspective they have. While most colleges and universities instruct their students with research methods, Wessex Institute, or WIT, as it is more commonly referred to uses research methods and discussion between academics and professionals from the conference to develop education.

WIT Research Subjects and Global Conferences

WIT originates in Ashurst, England, and the campus is surrounded by the lush and beautiful New Forest National Park. The programs are designed for master and doctorate levels, and the courses are short courses with intense study. The research classes are held in Ashurst Lodge and are taught by well-known leaders from all around the globe, and the students have been from 112 different countries.

Several of the 20-25 conferences that are held every year are also held on this campus, but they are also held in international locations such as Milan, Italy, Cadiz, Spain, Alicante, Spain, Estonia and the UK.

In 2017, conference topics will include Multiphase Flow, Water Resources Management, River Basin management, Sustainable City, Urban Transport, Energy and Sustainability, Safe 2017 and more. Each conference lasts two days and includes international speakers with educational discussions that are focused on bridging the gap between academia and the industry featured in the conference.

The classes at WIT are small, and they are committed to the advanced research of the highest quality. Technological and mechanical degrees are the primary subjects, but the Institute also has degrees in medicine, pharmacy, and nursing. This provides opportunities for WIT to be involved in a variety of educational projects.

Both students and instructors may come from different countries, but this is part of the uniqueness and diversity that WIT is becoming known for. WIT is expanding and accepting more students than ever before while maintaining its high-quality standards.

The conferences attract more students as the reputation of Wessex Institute continues to grow. The perspective of the Institute is vitally needed around the world to connect researchers directly to the industry.


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