Water Quality Issues Being Rectified At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

March 31, 2017California news Standard

The Lake Tahoe region of California is well known as one of the most important winter sports destinations in the world because of the extreme weather the region faces each year; a recent storm passing through the region caused problems for a number of groundwater wells that were in the path of the storm and had a large amount of contaminated water pushed into them. One property facing these issues is the world famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort where an isolated series of wells were inundated with water contaminated with E.Coli and Coliform.


Squaw Valley Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney released a statement explaining the effects of the rain storm and how the issue was being successfully and safely handled by the resort that was once the location of the Winter Olympics. Liesl Kenney explained the contamination was quickly identified using Squaw Valley’s own series of water quality tests that resulted in the four wells being shut off from public use; the ski slopes have not been affected by the contamination and remain open from top to bottom with complimentary bottled water being made available to visitors passing through the Upper Mountain area of the resort.


In a bid to make sure visitors to the Squaw Valley Ski Resort are safe from any contamination at all times officials from the resort have worked closely with Placer County Environmental health officials to rectify the problems being faced. Squaw Valley has always worked with a team of independent water quality experts to ensure its well water remains safe at all times and has recently sought the assistance of these experts in a bid to make sure everything that can be done is attempted to resolved the contamination issues. Success has already been achieved at the resort with Placer County’s Wesley Nicks reporting three of four affected wells now show no signs of E.Coli and have had the level of Coliform within them reduced to trace levels. Despite the success of the eradication work Squaw Valley has vowed to keep the affected water supplies shut off until the problem is resolved satisfactorily.



Natalie Porter

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