Vijay Eswaran’s Journey in the Formation of the Famous QI Group

August 26, 2017RHYTHM Foundation Standard

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned business icon who founded QI Group and E-commerce. QI Group deals in travel businesses, telecommunication, media, wellness, luxury products, corporate investments and training programs.

This magnificent investment has regional as well as international offices in Thailand Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia not forgetting over ten other countries with subsidiary companies.

The founder of this world class investment was a simple person who was born in Penang by his humane parents Pushpavathy Chinnaiah and Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu. His beloved mother was a teacher while his father worked in the ministry of labor.

His family kept moving from place to place due to the nature of his father’s work in the ministry of labor. During those early times Mr. Vijay Eswaran was a small boy.

Vijay Eswaran was a hard-working person especially in his studies. In 1984 he graduated with a degree in social- economics from London school of economics. After graduation Mr. Vijay did odd jobs in Europe like being a cab driver, plucking grapes and working in construction sites. Luckily in UK he was introduced to the famous binary marketing system which prompted him to acquire professional training from CIMA in UK.

He later got his MBA from Southern Illinois University. He worked part-time in multilevel marketing as he also worked for Synaptic in U.S. In 1998 he co- founded multilevel marketing which later grew to be the now celebrated QI Group.

Vijay has largely participated in business as well as management forum like Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India as well as the world Economic Forum. The business icon is also an author of famous books.

His first book is entitled in the sphere of silence, his second book is called thought of the day, his third is called thinking Zones and his forth is entitled two minutes from the Abyss.

Mr. Vijay is largely involved in philanthropy works where he has established the RHYTHM Foundation in Malaysia and also the corporate social responsibility which is an arm of QI Group. He has even established charity organization named after his father.

With the help of these organizations Mr. Vijay has made a major impact in the lives of many people. In 2012 he received NGI awards due to his philanthropy and business works.

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