There is More to the Repeal Than Most Know About

June 9, 2017Politics Standard

The healthcare repeal has been a huge hot topic in the past few months and is something that most people are not able to get on board with. The few that have were quite a surprise to organizations like End Citizens United and that was a big difference from the support that came from the healthcare bills that were passed in previous years. End Citizens United actually learned about the corruption in the government thanks to this repeal and the things that were coming as a result of it. The organization found out that the people who were in support of it were actually being compensated for the support that they were providing. They were getting special rewards for voting for it and that is something that made it even easier for Trump to be able to get it passed in a world where people really didn’t want it to pass with the information that they had.


Those who supported the repeal were mostly paid to be able to do so. This was a huge problem and something that most interest groups did not know about. It was also something that made it hard for the people who were actually voting to get their voice heard on the matter. There were many people who probably would have voted in the other direction if they had not been compensated for the vote that they cast in favor of the repeal for people to be able to use to their advantage.


The results of the repeal would have been much different if people were not compensated for the vote that they cast. This is something that should have happened and it would have made things much more reasonable for the people who were doing different things for the changes in healthcare. If people had not been paid for the votes, the repeal probably would have never happened. The results would have been fairer and they would reflect what the people actually would have chosen if they were given the chance to be completely unbiased in the matter of the repeal on health care.


There is no way to know what the people who were paid would have chosen. There is also no way to actually tell who was paid and who did the vote on their own accord. One thing that is for sure is that people were paid for it enough that it changed the projected results of the repeal. It was something that never would have happened if people weren’t. The real question that needs to be figured out now, though, is who was paid and what did they want to vote for on their own. The answers will probably never be revealed.