The Lasting Success of Lime Crime

August 16, 2016Standing Out Standard

Lime Crime is a company that was created by Doe Deere, an innovator and a creator of beauty through the use of colorful makeup that she believes is something the accentuates the beautiful features of anyone. Doe Deere started her Lime Crime business in 2008 as a side business to her clothing business. Back in 2008, Ms. Deere created her own clothes that were from her own design that she sold on eBay. As the clothing took off, she created a makeup line that would complement the bright colors of the clothes that she made. As the makeup line also became popular, Ms. Deere began to focus most of her time to developing more and more products that the consumer would love. In present day, Doe Deere has sold her product worldwide to individuals who are looking for new ways to apply makeup. Doe Deere is truly an innovator and has changed the way both men and women apply makeup to their face.

Doe Deere’s business of Lime Crime is most notable in the many Instagram photos that Ms. Deere posts to show off the beautiful looks that Ms. Deere is able to show with the use of bright and vibrant colors. The name of Lime Crime comes specifically from the love that Doe Deere has for the color and the ability that she has to bring out the beauty in anyone with this color. As a businesswoman, Ms. Deere believes that her business name should embody the fun of her business. As a result, she named her business Lime Crime to make her company brand name stand out to the public.

Doe Deere centered her brand name to be an internet-based brand name. This is significant for her career because with an internet-based brand, she relies heavily on the customer’s opinion. Doe Check out the makeup tips on Tumblr, or get involved on the fan Facebook page.


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Deere made this business choice to make sure that it was known that her product was made for the customer. The critics that are given to her not only keep her humble, but also keep her product continuously improving to make it better and better for the consumer. I have to make sure that to write my paper cheap is something most people do nothing about what is happening to them.