The career path of Malcolm Casselle

November 8, 2017IT World, People in Business Standard

The reason why the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) launched was so that it will be able to help anyone that wanted to participate in the virtual game’s assets that he or she would go ahead as long as they were in the marketplace at the moment. WAX has made it easy for the users by coming up with new features that were not even available. It will help when it comes to the reduction of the transaction cost and the marketplace for the games will be created.

Malcolm Casselle ( while he was at the University of MIT and Stanford he did more than just attain the degree, he got involved in so many activities in the university that would help later in his career. He is very conversant with speaking Japanese and mandarin. In the years that he was in school, he participated in the undergraduate programs that were concerned in doing so many research. By the time he was just 17 years, he was rewarded with the electron microscope certificate. The research prepared him to be good at what he does at the moment. Because back in school there was always a different project that was supposed to be handled every semester.

Malcolm Casselle is now working as the CEO and president of the WAX. The worldwide Asset eXchange is becoming the number one place that’s giving the users opportunity of being able to sell and buy things online using the video games. Before he became part of the WAX team, he used to work at the CTO at the tronc as the president. During his time at CTO, he was responsible for overseeing that the company had a rapid growth. Recently, he has been more concerned with helping with the startup of the digital industries some of them being the MediaPass. Malcolm has been investing in other companies too that over the years have been doing well like Facebook, clockchain, and Zynga.

He co-founded the PCCW earlier in his career. The telecom was located in Hong Kong, and the company is doing well because the current value of the company is $35 million.