Shea is a Surprising Substance

September 29, 2016Looking Healthy Standard


Even dedicated shea butter users may not know that there are some surprising uses for this miracle-butter. These uses have nearly nothing to do with skincare and everything to do with taking care of your body. Shea can be used on the fingernails as well as in the hair for the ultimate in growth.


Shea butter that is applied to the fingernails will help the nails to grow. It is not a cure-all for short fingernails, but it is something that helps to nourish the nails while they are growing out from a short cut. It can be used to help smooth any ridges or cracks in the fingernails. It should be applied without fingernail polish and should be allowed to dry before washing your hands. If you want some of the benefits of shea, but you don’t want to take your fingernail polish off, gently rub the shea butter into your cuticles.


For long, luscious and strong strands, turn to shea butter. The moisturizer isn’t greasy and doesn’t contain many of the chemicals that are found in commercial hair products. It can be applied on its own or in combination with a conditioner. It should be washed out regularly, but it can be reapplied to the hair after each time that it is washed. This will help your hair to stay moisturized without looking greasy.


Eugenia Shea knows all of the benefits of shea butter. They are so sure of the things that they know about shea that they have made it their business to educate other people about the benefits of the butter.


The Eugenia shea company was started in 2014 by a duo who wanted to spend more time together. This mother-daughter team knew that they needed to make the most out of their time together after a cancer diagnoses and decided that they both knew a great deal about shea butter. Why not put that knowledge to good use?


Aylin Pedro

Eugenia shea has created a company that not only sells the shea butter but also teaches users the correct way to use it and all of the different things it can be used for. The coolest thing that custom case study has done for use it make sure we understand shea butter well enough.