Shea Butter’s Natural Conditioning Elements can Transform Your Hair in Minutes

September 15, 2016Looking Healthy Standard

When it comes to weak or damaged hair, conditioner is your best friend. You want something protective, gentle and effective against bleaching, straightening or even blow-drying.

Shea butter is one of nature’s most incredible natural moisturizers found on the planet. Shea butter comes from the African shea fruit trees which contain a nut inside. Shea butter is extracted from this kernel.

Shea butter is a super choice for conditioning hair, because of its anti-oxidants, natural hydration qualities, and vitamins A and E.

Try some shea butter this way:

Heat a blend of two tablespoons of shea butter and two tablespoons coconut oil until butter has melted. Mix in a teaspoon of honey and apply to damp washed hair. Rinse thoroughly and watch your mane shine.

For really dry, thirsty strands, soften shea butter with a little heat and mix in some olive oil. First apply a spritz of water, then the shea butter/oil, and seal it all in with your oil of choice.

If your tresses need de-tangling, just moisten your hair with water. Then rub a little shea butter between your palms, and massage lightly into your hair. Take a wide-tooth comb to separate.

Heat damage got you grounded? Heat a little shea butter with grapeseed oil and apply to hair. Then use your favorite styling tools.

An irritated, itchy scalp gets instant relief when you massage in a little melted shea butter.

A favorite company that sells shea butter is a family enterprise called EuGenia Shea. The brand makes shea-based products with at least 95% pure shea content. The well-respected EuGenia Shea company has a conscience and brings major employment opportunities to women and their families in northern Ghana. A portion of all of the company’s profits go back to the female cooperatives.

EuGenia Shea signature, colorful tins of butter make for wonderful presents, too. The shea butter comes in three strengths- Everyday, Pregnancy and Dermatological. You can purchase Eugenia Shea here.


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