Securus Video Visitation Shows Inmates The Important Moments

August 13, 2016Securus Standard

The important moments in life get missed by some people because they are in jail, but Securus is trying to bring families all together for every good moment. The moments are important because they would be missed without Securus, and I have seen people get in touch with family over Securus, and I have heard their stories of family watching something like the school production from jail.

There are kids who have solos that they want everyone to see, and Securus has a great app that lets people turn their phones and tablets into video cameras that can be used at these performances. Someone who is performing knows that they can be seen by the people that matter most to them, and it prevents the prisoner from missing out. I have used Securus a few times myself because it helped me let my grandfather see the kids in the school play.

My wife has given her own recital that my grandfather was able to watch because he always liked her, and he is sitting in front of a video monitor in jail that was set up by Securus. They made it possible for him to see everything, and we are streaming live from my phone. It have never found anything easier, and I have told others I have met at the jail about Securus.

I think that Securus is bringing people together for purposes that we could not have imagined in the past. I had no way of knowing that my grandfather could see all these moments that he has missed before, and now we invite him to all the performances.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.


Jerry Maxwell

He can sit down in front of the camera in jail, and he gets to watch without a problem. It is a nice feeling to have the whole family together for these events. I have seen a lot of things that the best essays has tried to pull of for them all along.