Securus Technologies Publish Congratulatory Messages from its Clients

April 19, 2017Video Visitation App Standard

The rate of crime in correctional facilities across the United States has reduced significantly in the recent past. Incarcerated persons and their families, plus security officials in these establishments, are all impressed by these positive strides made in the industry. At the epicenter of these advancements is Securus Technologies, a firm that has been producing and selling safety technological gadgets for use in the American correctional market. According to Securus CEO Richard Smith, the company’s main commitment is to ensure that these facilities are secured, and that law enforcement agencies man them in a more convenient and efficient way.

In a show of gratitude for the excellent services from Securus Technologies, many security officials, as well as family members to inmates, have been sending emails and letters to the company, narrating of their experience with the products. Securus sorted out some of the comments and reviews and posted them on its website for the general public, its clients, and its competitor firms to see the strides the company has made.

Client Reviews

One security official thanked Securus for being innovative and committed to helping him and other staff members to improve safety in the incarceration environment. He commended the tech company for spearheading a revolution regarding operations in the correctional facilities. Another letter was from an investigative official who termed Securus as a visionary tech firm that can develop products that match the sweeping changes in the industry. He pointed out that investigation approach in the country was changing as a consequence of Securus’ involvement.

The official involved in the case had called the tech company for assistance during investigations and was accorded the necessary support. Later on, he wrote to thank Securus for coming through for him. Other officials pointed out how they eradicated harassment cases in their facilities by use of LBS and Investigator Pro services.


Myra Franco

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