Securus Technologies Making Our Prison a Safer Work Environment

October 4, 2017Video Visitation App Standard

The conditions in the jail in which I work as a corrections officer have been getting worse as the years have progressed. It was only a few years ago that me and my fellow officers could walk the yard and even interact with inmates, but the explosion of gang members has turned our facility into a war zone that requires my team to have to be extra vigilant on duty. Now we have had to change the way that we take care of one another and protect the lives of every person inside this facility, be it inmate, guest, or staff.


Recently we had to contact Securus Technologies to see if they could install their inmate telephone monitoring system in our facility so we could try to take back a degree of control we had been losing. The Securus Technologies company is responsible for tightening up security in thousands of jails in this country, allowing officer to focus their efforts in other areas while the LBS software scans and uncovers chatter from the inmates pertaining to things like contraband. The company is based in Texas, and all thousand employees are at our disposal, all working towards their main objective of keeping the world safe.


Now that the LBS software and the system is up and running, we no longer have to position officers in the call center to listen to each and every word the inmates are saying. Now when the LBS software detects chatter about drugs, fighting, contraband, gangs, or even weapons, we are instantly alerted and can spring into action so that the incident never puts anyone in harm’s way. Each time we are working in the jail and get an alert, we feel we can make our entire facility that much safer by taking potentially dangerous situations out of the mix.