Securus Technologies Expanding their Line of Work

August 2, 2017Video Visitation App Standard

Securus Technologies, Inc. is operating from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has been around for a few decades now and has assumed a leading position in its respective industry – security solutions.


The chief executive officer of the corporation is Mr. Richard A. Smith who has been with Securus Technologies for about seven years. CEO Rick Smith made an announcement a couple of years ago that the corporation has surpassed another milestone. Securus Technologies, Inc. has worked diligently towards the expansion of its operational reach and proportions. That includes acquisitions as well. Securus Technologies, Inc. has been investing both in acquiring businesses and in making their own products and services better. For the security sector in Texas and across the states, Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leader in supplying facilities with security solutions such as video cameras, reinforcement, software, and more. Securus Technologies, Inc. partners up with prisons, jails, business owners, and more to provide them with security solutions. The clients of the corporation have been praising to the company for the services. So far, Securus Technologies, Inc. has surpassed the milestone of 600 000 dollars invested in the expansion of the business.


Some years ago, Securus Technologies, Inc. added the industry of inmate communication to their business. Needless to say, Securus Technologies, Inc. is currently among the leaders in that industry as well. The company is one of the strongest leaders, and it operated in all states of the US. So far, the industry of inmate communications has not been flooded with new companies. At the same time, its is thriving in terms of services that it offers to detainees and their families. Securus Technologies, Inc. has a number of services available including the primary ones such as phone calls and video calls. The pricing is per minute and in 15-minute packages.


Giavanna Jacob

No doubt, it is believed that one thing that has remained constant in business is improvement and diversity. In this regard, Securus Technologies is not left out. According to, Securus has been in operations for more than a decade. Their major breakthrough being assisting of inmates and providing the corrections facilities with safety.