Securus Answers to patent infringing claims made by GTL

January 19, 2017Video Visitation App Standard

Rick Smith is the current Chief Executive Officer and company leader of Securus Technologies. He has come out and spoken publicly defending Securus Technologies. He came out in a recent attack from false allegations made by GTL Technologies. GTL released false information against Securus. According to Rick Smith, GTL is only looking for a short route to becoming a leader in the industry. He advised the company that it should understand that patents and litigations take a lot of time and money. He insisted that GTL should change its strategy. Instead of seeking fights online with other companies, GTL should focus on gaining more licenses and patents.


The first false allegation made by GTL was that the company was just a few months away from moving to court to solve the patent case. GTL wants to show the world how Securus Technologies has infringed its patents and rights. It stated Securus Technologies used the company’s video technology that was protected by patents made by the PTAB.


Securus Technologies aired their concern about the claims. He stated that the company is far from resuming to court to solve the case. Due to the cost of cases on the court, there is no party set to go to court as claimed by the case. If they go to court, the jury will make a ruling based on the availability of evidence. GTL has no enough evidence that Securus Technologies infringed its rights. In case GTL has any evidence, the jury is going to determine the legibility of information presented by GTL. Securus is confident that it did not use any of the patents.


Securus Technologies is a leading company in correction facilities. The company recently received an A+ rating from BBB. The rating is an indication that Securus has always developed technology that enhances customer experience.



Aileen Michael

I called this a strong competitive spirit from the Global Tell Link, GTL. That is what business is all about sometimes. When this is absent, a company will gain monopoly, hence subjecting their customers to salves instead of the opposite which holds true especially when was speaking about this. So securus just have to bear and keep up the pace. Afterall, this will energize them for the task ahead.