Sam Tabar: A Fund Manager

September 21, 2016Business and Philanthropy Standard


One thing that could be said about Sam Tabar is that he is not expected to go bankrupt anytime soon. Being a successful money manager, he has put the money to good use. He has also worked with companies in order to increase their capital. For this reason among others, he could be trusted to work with when it comes to financial management. For people that are trying to enter into the investment industry, it is important that one knows how to handle his own finances. For one thing, making money requires patience. If one is not patient, then he is not going to be likely to profit big. Sam Tabar is someone who has shown that he is very patient and wise.

Sam has worked for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America). He has worked with fund managers by referring them to institutional investors.  He has dealt with many forms of finances which include endowments, fund of funds, pensions, and plenty of other financial matters.

Sam Tabar is not just an investor, he is also an entrepreneur who has a philanthropic heart. He has worked to bring together something that will help women in poor countries. One product that he has worked with is called SheThinx. This is a hygiene product line that helps women keep themselves clean even though they are in the torn part of the world. He has definitely shown a passion for women and the disadvantaged people in the world. Sam Tabar understands that not all people are given a fair shot in life.  Read more about this historic career on Pinterest.


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