Norka Luque’s Many Talents

September 30, 2016Entertainment, Music Standard

Singing, dancing, entertaining, fashion and …. culinary arts: these are just a few of the things that Norka Luque has mastered during her adult life. She has many different interests but her main interest is singing which she has made a career out of since she was first introduced to a band while studying in France. She, unlike many other singers, has other talents and degrees that have helped her shape the way that she handles her singing career. These talents have all come together to make her a better person and an overall better entertainer for the crowds and the fans who enjoy her performances.
When Norka Luque started out at business school in France, she never imagined that she would eventually become a world-famous singer as a result of the trip to France. She did know, however, that business wasn’t going to be the end of the line for her. While she enjoyed it and did complete the degree, she was hoping for something more throughout her time in France. This desire led her to enroll in culinary school as well as various fashion programs. She completed both of these but was still looking for something more that would be more fulfilling for her as a career.

They wanted her for their band. This meant that Norka would be making yet another career switch into the world of entertaining. She performed with the band and that was very instrumental but she knew that there had to be more. This eventually led to her solo career. While the band was popular, Norka never would have expected the success that she has seen as a solo artist.

One unique aspect of Norka Luque’s singing talent is that she mixes many different styles together to make a sound that is uniquely hers. The sound that she has cannot be labeled distinctly Latin or even Caribbean. This is because she has so much influence from different cultures, even including France, that make up her music. While there is no single way to describe the style of music that Norka makes, there is one way to describe her music: quality. She knows what people like and continuously puts it out, she is an excellent singer who knows how to work a stage.


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