Nathaniel Ru Restructures the Restaurant Chain Business Model

June 23, 2017Fast Food Standard

Chain restaurants for the millennial crowd will never be the same, and entrepreneur Nathaniel Ru – along with business partners Nicholas German and Jonathan Neman – are the ones that have been in place to make this happen. They have changed the way that people look at the fast food industry and chain restaurants because Sweetgreen is a place that utilizes technology in a way that other chain restaurants have failed to utilize it.


The thing that makes Nathaniel different from many of the larger restaurant chains that he is competing with is the timing of his startup. Sweetgreen has only been around for a decade. The first store opened up in 2007, and Nicholas and his crew were adamant about using technology because they knew that they were on the brink of something new and innovative.


For Nicholas it became obvious that the competition that he was competing against was already established and many of the competitors looked the same. He believed that he would have to branch out and invest big in concepts that were not particularly utilized by the competition. This is where he decided to get a Sweetgreen app in place for consumers. This would be his very first step in luring consumers to consider healthy food choices that Sweetgreen had to offer.


There was a lot of interest in what Nathaniel Ru was planning to do, and he believed that this integration of technology would be one of the best ways to make the young crowd see that he was offering something that was going to be different than a typical Burger King or McDonald’s franchise.


Sweetgreen would be able to connect with a youthful group of consumers. The young consumer would think about fast food in a much different way because they were seeing a change in the structure of restaurants. This franchise is still so new, and it became obvious that Nathaniel Ru was at the forefront of the restructuring of a totally different business model for restaurants.


What Nathaniel Ru brings to the table is a new foundation for restaurant chains. The fact that he implemented mobile ordering and a rewards program through the Sweetgreen app shows that innovation is the key. He is up against restaurant chains that have been around for decades. He is up against companies where billions of dollars are made through the selling of cheap fast food.