Michael Zomber – A True Connoisseur of Weaponry and Antiquity

November 18, 2016Business and Philanthropy Standard


Early On:


Michael Zomber was born in Washington, DC and studied at various academies and institutions. These included; Oberlin College, Villanova University, the University of Illinois, and UCLA, to name a few. Michael graduated (with honors) with bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Psychology. Additionally, Zomber obtained a Master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA.


Michael Zomber is the son of two holocaust survivors who escaped Nazi Germany in 1939. This is something Michael didn’t learn of himself until he was about ten (10) years old. In fact, Zomber knew nothing of his Jewish heritage until that time. Shortly after he made that discovery, Michael started to develop a real passion for collecting ancient arms and armor. His grandfather, Robert Eisner, may have had some early influence in Michael’s desire for collecting as well. Eisner is said to have been a pretty passionate collector himself, only he collected paintings by famous impressionists.


Famous For:


Never losing his passion for collecting, Michael Zomber continued his work throughout his adult life and has become famous for many of his collections. He has written several historical novels, such as “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War” and “Shotgun Iemitsu.” Michael’s work also includes a nonfiction piece entitled, “Jesus and the Samurai.”


In addition to his writings, Michael is also co-founder of a proprietary films company called Renascent Films LLC. It was through Renascent Films LLC, that Zomber was able to produce his critically acclaimed documentary, entitled, “Soul of the Samurai.” This isn’t the only televised piece associated with Zomber, however, as he is also well known for his appearances on the History Channel.


Some of these episodes include:


  • Gun’s of the Famous
  • Gun’s of the Orient
  • Dueling Pistols
  • Automatic Pistols
  • Million Dollar Guns




Zomber currently lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He resides there with his wife, Andrea. Michael is the proud father of two (2) children, Gabriella and Christopher, who also reside with him. Andrea has proven to be quite influential and supportive of her husband’s work. It was her idea to have him produce his documentary. Andrea is also the other cofounder of their proprietary film company.


It is unknown if Michael is currently working on any more books or films, however, as a historian, he has also developed a passion for world peace and just making the world a better place altogether. As such, he is currently involved with, a member of, or in support of several different global organizations. Some of these organizations include; NGO, UNICEF, Doctors Without Boarders, Amnesty International, and Global Exchange.


Looking at everything Zomber has accomplished and/or been a part of, it can be said without much debate, that Michael Zomber is a very busy man and truly follows his passion.  Regardless, one thing is for certain, Michael is leaving behind a legacy that his children, and his children’s children, can be proud of for generations to come.


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