Michael Lacey Mathematician is Working To Solve The Harder Problems

November 8, 2017Business Standard

American mathematician Michael Lacey obtained his Ph. D at the University of Illinois. He received his degree in 1987 while working under the direction of fellow mathematician Walter Phillip. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://people.math.gatech.edu/~lacey/

For Michael Lacey, he spent his time on the thesis which centered around Banach spaces. He also worked to come up with a solution to the iterated logarithm law in the empirical characteristic function. With his help, many other work has been covered like probability, harmonic analysis and even ergodic theory.

Michael Lacey started out with his postdoctoral position for the Louisiana State University and at University of North Carolina. It was during this period of time that Walter Phillip and Michael Lacey worked to showcase central limit theorem.

From 1989 until 1996, Michael Lacey held onto a position at Indiana University and while holding this position, he obtained his National Science Foundation Postdoctoral fellowships and while locating the right answers, he began to take an interest in the Hilbert Transform.

The subject for the conjecture was Alberto Calderon and Lacey and his friend Christoph Thiele worked to solve the problem in 1996. It was this problem solving that awarded them the Salem Prize.

Since the year 1996, Michael Lacey has been a professor in the Mathematics department for the Georgia Institution of Technology. During the year 2004, Michael Lacey had received the Guggenheim Fellowship fund where he would go on to perform work alongside of Xiaochan Li and in the year 2012, the fellowship for the American Mathematical society gave him a seat.

Not everyone is a math genius and for that reason, there needs to be people who can solve the hard equations.

With the help of these mathematicians, harder problems are being solved and more information is being processed which helps to prove other matters in the universe.

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