Match Group Just got Swiped by Whitney Wolfe

April 15, 2018Uncategorized Standard

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of Bumble which is a unique dating app for young adults. This dating app came into existence in 2014 and has well over 26 million subscribers. Bumble has been a big hit since it first entered the dating application market. This application is quickly becoming a highly rated app because it gives women complete control about the people they want to interact with. Wolfe purposely designed the app to be this way. She wants females to be in complete control of the dating process.

Wolfe is no stranger to the online dating game. Before she started Bumble, she first worked for Tinder. She ended up leaving Tinder back in 2014 because of sexual discrimination and harassment. Since that time, Tinder and Wolfe had been at odds. Now, Match Group (Tinder’s parent company) is looking to sue Bumble. The reason for the lawsuit has to do with patent infringement. Match Group claims that Bumble took some of its ideas and is now using for its own site.

Of course, Whitney Wolfe denies this claim. She clearly states that Bumble did not take anything from Tinder or from any other dating sites owned by Match Group. By the way, Match Group owns other dating sites such as OKCupid, Match and Plenty of Fish. A blog was created by Bumble in response to the lawsuit.

The blog basically stated that Match Group would not bully Bumble and get away with it. Wolfe wants the company to know that that she and her organization will not be intimidated by them. She says that she and her Bumble organization will swipe left on Match Group and their efforts to buy them, scare them and to bully them.

She also wants Match Group to understand that they will not be frightened by corporate culture’s desire to buy and sell smaller companies their discretion. Whitney assures her community that Bumble is not going anywhere, and they have nothing to fear from Match Group. After all, they had totally swiped this company to the left and this simply means that Match Group has been dismissed.