Madison Street Capital assists in bettering the Finance Structure of ARES Security

May 12, 2017Financial Firms Standard

Madison Street Capital is a revered investment banking firm that has been offering solutions to corporations across the globe for over a decade. The enterprise’s main offices are located in Chicago, Illinois. One of the major businesses that have been relying on the service of the firm is ARES Security Corporation. The company’s expertise is in the development of top-notch security risk management programs that is used by organizations and governments in protecting assets that are highly valuable to them. ARES Security has hired Madison Street Capital to serve as its exclusive advisor. The investment banking firm recently assisted it completing its recapitalization transaction by matching it with a reliable financing partner.


ARES Security’s president, Ben Eazzetta, acknowledged Madison Street Capital for the remarkable solutions that it provided to his company in 2016. He believes that the management of the company is competent, and it worked hard to make sure that ARES Security got a reliable funding partner. According to him, the investment banking company runs all its activities efficiently including the valuation and capital raising process. The president believes that the new finance associate will assist his company in developing an excellent structure.


Corbel Structured Equity Partner is a reputable finance corporation that was chosen by Madison Street Capital to work with Ares Security Corporation. The company has an excellent reputation since it has been providing excellent services in the corporate world from the time that it was established in 2013. Corbel has been funding different types of startups that have a potential of making substantial profits. The firm has had an opportunity of serving various businesses across the globe.


Reginald McGaugh is the MD of the investment banking firm. According to him, his company was successful in offering a reliable financing partner to ARES Security. He believes that Corbel will assist the enterprise in addressing its recapitalization problem. The business structure of the security company is complex, and therefore, it was not easy for Madison Street Capital to access a financing associate that can match its needs.


Madison Street Capital has been providing professional investment banking solutions to all its customers. The firm is committed to leadership, excellence, service, and integrity. Its expertise is in offering services such as merger and acquisitions, corporate financing, valuation of private and public enterprises, and many other investment solutions. The Madison Street Capital reputation has been enhanced by its commitment to making sure that its customers are successful.


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