Livin’ the Life of Crime, Lime Crime Cosmetics

July 10, 2017Cosmetics Standard

Doe Deere is more than the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. A creature of habit, she makes sure to get plenty of sleep. She needs at least 9 hours of sleep and never uses an alarm clock as her internal clock wakes her every morning. She leads a healthy lifestyle adhering to a stretch regimen followed by light breakfast. At first glance one sees a beautiful woman that seems to shine from within; marveling at the powerful and colorful persona before you. Upon closer inspection you what you come to realize is you are seeing something rare, a Unicorn. It is this uniqueness that has made Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics the brand leaders they are today.

Being a bold and colorful person on the inside meant wanting to dress to compliment that personality. Easy enough to do, but it wasn’t always that easy to coordinate make up and hair. Doe decided to take that challenge and this is where one sees the true spirit of an entrepreneur in action, because in 2004 Doe chose the Internet as her market of choice for makeup and that was unheard of. Today a Google search of Lime Crime Cosmetics shows availability in the United States, Europe, Sephora, Amazon, the list goes on.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics stand firm in their beliefs and pursue cruelty free, animal friendly products. They take feedback seriously and listen to their customers to improve products and build brand loyalty; Doe still takes time to mentor upcoming/wannabe entrepreneurs via Instagram.

Social media has played an important role in the business. Lime Crime was developed for Unicorns and what better way to reach out to other Unicorns than through social media. Doe’s innovative, entrepreneurial spirit saw this and embraced it in 2004 which is what launched her success.

Like most CEO’s her life is planned out and she would be lost without her phone. She checks her calendar, email and social media presence via her phone and it allows her to stay connected 24/7. Although she may not arrive at the office until noon some days, it is not unheard of her for to be there until midnight.

The real story here is Doe had a dream. She stayed positive, she focused on it and she surrounded herself with positive people that helped her achieve it. She focuses on the positive and ignores the negative and continues to follow her dream. If that’s a crime, I’m all in.