Kim Dao’s First Day in Denmark

April 24, 2017Youtube Sensation Standard

Kim Dao was in Denmark to visit her grandmother and go sightseeing with her parents. She plans to come back in the summer with her friend Sunnydahye. Kim Dao walked through the town of Denmark before getting guided tour from her cousin who spent time with her. With a cup of hot chocolate in hand, She passed by a cherry blossom tree that is not yet in bloom because the weather is a little too cold. Some cherry blossoms were in bloom. The weather was cold and windy. Her cousin drove by some old soldier housing from wartime. Today, the housing is worth over a million dollars.

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By the lake and in the town, Kim Dao noticed many statues. In Copenhagen at Langelinie by the Copenhagen Harbor there is the Little Mermaid statue. On the other side of the park where the harbor is Kim Dao’s cousin pointed out the old opera house. Sweden is across the harbor. Kim Dao saw a statue of a soldier and his horse. There was also an old church in the park.


Kim Dao took a break to get Danish hotdog. On the way to get the hotdog, she noticed a pigeon was taking a bath in a puddle. At the hotdog stand, the cousin pointed out there were red hotdogs and round brown hot dogs. There was cucumber hot dog, a bacon hotdog, Kim Dao bought a large plain Danish hotdog. There are two kilometers worth of shops for people who want to go shopping.


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