JPay Becomes a Subsidiary of Securus Technologies Company

December 15, 2017Video Visitation App Standard

The dominance of Securus Technologies in providing tech services in various correction facilities in the country got a boost when the Dallas based company acquired Miramar-based technology firm, JPay in April 2015. JPay has been providing 33 state correction facilities with electronic payment services, email services, and several learning and entertainment apps.


How the Two Firms Benefit


After the signing of this Stock Purchase Agreement, Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith was optimistic that the company will now provide its clients with more services. He said JPay is critical in helping Securus Technologies provide safe services that reduce recidivism.


JPay’s CEO Ryan Shapiro on the hand said he was happy that the number of people who enjoy their high-quality services will now increase tremendously. He said the acquisition would help his company in developing products that are more acceptable and beneficial to their clients. Moreover, he noted that the two organizations share the same goal of developing products that are efficient and enhance the security of the correction facilities. Both companies are determined to improve the transition of inmates into better citizens.


The Impacts of the Transaction on Both Companies


Under this transaction, JPay will continue to operate normally. The company will be managed as a subsidiary of Securus. Mr. Smith will, therefore, be in charge of the management of JPay. JPay is expected to benefit from the strong financial muscle of Securus. Besides, its penetration into new markets has become simpler as it will rely on Securus’ network.


Rick Smith’s Views on Customer Emails


One of the ways that a company gets a chance to interact with its clients is through emails. Emails are critical as they help a company to tailor its products to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. The feedback given by the customer can also be used in producing blogs.


According to Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, the company has been receiving various positive emails and letters from their clients who are happy with their services. He notes that these emails have been critical in helping the company make prisons safer and has helped law enforcement officers in preventing and solving crime. The emails have helped him to learn how his company has impacted the society at large.


Rick Smith and His Role at Securus Technologies


Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in July 2008. Due to his expertise, focus, and drive, many people have gained confidence in him and believe he is the right person to drive the success of the company to greater heights.


Smith is an alumnus of the State University of New York, Buffalo where he got a degree in Engineering. He then joined the State University of New York for a master’s degree in Engineering. Besides, he acquired his MBA from Rochester University. Before joining Securus Technologies, Smith had worked at Global Crossing North America Inc., Frontier Information Technologies as well as Eschelon Telecom Inc. among other companies.