John Goullet: Looking for Originals

August 10, 2016IT World Standard

When it comes to John Goullet and his work on the leadership and advisory board at Diversant, there is one thing that sticks out to me about him more than anything. He looks for originals when it comes to IT staffing. He is not a man that is easily impressed by a resume or a sheet of paper. Lots of people have gone to big colleges, done great things, and have a lot on that sheet of paper or perhaps multiple sheets of paper. He is looking for someone that has that “it factor.” It, of course, can’t be described, but when it is there, it is there, and it is nearly impossible to ignore it.

That is why he enjoys working for a company like Diversant, as they are looking for originals. So many people want to fit in, say the right thing, look a certain way, behave a certain way, and they follow a guideline. There is no guideline for this job. You either have what it takes or you don’t. Sometimes what you have learned outside of the classroom is even more important than what you have learned inside of it. As they say, you come from the school of hard knocks. You have lived a life that is rich and filled with memories and moments.

That is what John Goullet looks for when he looks for people that he thinks are right for the job. Sometimes they walk in the door, and he sees a twinkle in their eye and he knows it right away. Sometimes, he has to ask them questions and dig a little deeper to find out what is going on and what they are all about. However, John certainly has his pulse on talent and what to look for, which is why they value his contributions and what he brings to the table at Diversant. He is also an original and someone that brings something different to the company. He is a vital part of what they do and they are honored to have him on board.

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