Jeremy Goldstein, a Famous Business Advisor

October 5, 2017Corporate Law Standard

Jeremy Goldstein happens to be the leading business lawyer in the New York. He has been on the frontline fighting for good governance and better employer-employee relationship. He is also a law graduate from the University of New York and has a law firm already established and is based in the city of New York. He is also a great law journal author and a business mogul. He also happens to be a leading board member and has worked on so many boards. As a philanthropist, he happens to serve on the board of Fountain House which is a recognized non-governmental organization. He also happens to be a very respected volunteer and has relentlessly helped the members of his community.


Jeremy Goldstein has also worked in collaboration with the biggest companies in the world and has witnessed huge transactions done under his watch. He has been the company’s advisor on employee’s payments. The companies include Verizon, AT& T, Chevron, Merck, Bank One and Duke Energy. The companies have really exposed him to greater and wider career experiences that are rare to find. He happens to be the solution to the biggest companies that are struggling on how to reward their employees.


Jeremy Goldstein was approached to shed some light on the reasons why employers or rather corporations should treat stock options. He has been on the frontline advising multinational organizations on how they can consider their employee. He cites several reasons why employees and companies prefer not to exercise stock options. He says that at times, the economic downturns may cause the options price to fluctuate so much. Then making them go home without payments. The other disadvantage is that the expenses and all other costs incurred must be reported. This is definitely a very awkward situation whereby you make losses and then pay for them. Other reasons behind this are the huge accounting burdens involved. They are usually very crucial and makes employees prefer getting paid their money as salaries.


Jeremy Goldstein also cites several advantages of these options. Once the employees realize that when the value of as company increases, the stock option also increases, they tend to work very hard. Customer treatment becomes a priority. They even start to focus on innovation. He also puts it clear that stock options are the only options that have no tax implications. Other methods like shares have a huge tax burden.


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