Jason Hope details the impact of IoT in the airline industry

The Internet of Things is all about devices connecting to the internet. The technological growth that is happening is changing a lot of things. From the way we love in our homes to the way industrial processes are carried out, a lot of things are happening due to this technology. One of the areas that have been affected is the airline industry. The airline industry is investing in the technological innovations which are utilizing the concept of the IoT in order to benefit from the numerous advantages that are now available. IoT in the airline industry is having numerous applications. Already some airlines have been investing billions in research work so that the benefits of the IoT can be utilized in the shortest time possible. A third of the companies in the airline industry have already invested in this research, and the rest are expected to follow suit soon.

According to futurist Jason Hope, there are already changes which have taken place in the industry, companies, a company like Virgin Atlantic has already invested in IoT. It is being used in manufacturing the Boeing 787s. They come with every part of the plane connected to the internet such that every information regarding particular parts of the plane is being collected in real time and analyzed to ensure that there is no malfunction.

Other areas that have been mentioned by Jason Hope include travel guides, where people can get information regarding their travel through their mobile devices. One will be able to book a seat 24 hours before travel hour. They will also be given real-time information when the plane is closing its doors to ensure that no one is locked out. There are also applications of sensors in detecting temperatures and whether the passenger is comfortable or not.

Jason Hope says that the impact of IoT is just beginning. In the future, there will be other great changes that will take place. IoT is likely to change every part of the industry. He is predicting that we might see the application of wearable devices in the airports to guide the passengers. The wearable will even be integrated with the personal information of the people such that they can trace they luggage with ease.

Jason Hope is a futurist and a tech entrepreneur from Arizona. He is a holder of MBA from the Arizona State University. He helps businesses project the future trends in technology so that they can align their goals appropriately.

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