How NewsWatch assists Organizations to Market their Products.

November 7, 2017IT World, Youtube Sensation Standard
NewsWatch is a television program hosted by Andrew Tropeano in Washington. It is a thirty-minute show that airs content involving breaking consumer, travel, health and entertainment. The television program has over one thousand episodes that have been broadcast on ION Network and AMC Network. NewsWatch was launched more than two decades ago and has kept thriving independently as a news magazine on television. The program gets its content from Amanda Forster, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges, who conduct research o trending social issues across the universe. Top Hollywood celebrities who were invited to the show include Vin Diesel, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Colin Firth, Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington, Chriss Pratt, Ryan Lochte and Eddie Redmayne. NewsWatch is a division of Bridge Communications.

The television series acts as an advertising channel, which several companies and corporations market their products and services. Over the past years, NewsWatch invites celebrities and entertainment personalities who give out their views on various social issues. Since its establishment, the television program has recorded over ten thousand stars who have been featured in the show. More than seven million individuals in the United States watch the series both offline and online. They catch up with every episode of the program through YouTube channels, Vimeo channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ among others. The television program has its premises located in Fairfax, New York.

NewsWatch was a recipient of the recent Marcom Award and the 2016 Silver Telly Award. Avanca Indiegogo advertised its pocket PCs through a crowdfunding campaign that was organized by the television show. Contour Design also benefitted from NewsWatch through a drive that promoted its products and services. According to Saygus, the television series enabled them to advertise their smartphones during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The television show keeps individuals updated through broadcasting weekly on ION Network and fortnightly on the AMC Network.