How Malini Saba worked hard to be among the World’s top Businesswomen.

October 14, 2016Women in Business Standard

Malini Saba is a wealthy businesswoman who has worked has hard to be successful in business. The United States and the rest of the world recognize her for the positive changes that she has made in investment. Many entrepreneurs use her as a good example. Malini was born in Asia, and she has strived to build various international businesses. She kicked off her investment career by creating enterprises in different countries across the globe. She was however faced with various odds that she had to struggle to overcome and this includes being eliminated from her business by some corrupt people.


Saba was determined to be prosperous in business, and therefore, she never gave up and instead she teamed up with various partners to establish other enterprises. The new ventures that she set up were still affected by a few obstacles, but she managed to be successful. Malini’s companies have currently thrived, and she is the owner of some highly resourceful firms that deal with energy supply, real estate, and rice fields.


The entrepreneur also greatly believes in the purchase of commodities as an efficient way of investing because they involve small risks and have excellent returns. He started buying stocks in the 90s, and most of her investments were in young companies that were still emerging at that time. The firms that he acquired shares in include Silicon Valley, Sycamore Networks, PayPal, and Netscreen Technologies.


Saba is also a prominent philanthropist who has regularly been giving back the community. She is the proprietor of a women empowerment charity, which is known as the Stree: Global Investments in Women. The foundation’s major focus is in offering a better life to women who come from impoverished backgrounds. Malini is viewed as a generous individual who takes care of the need of the society.


Besides her career in business and participation in community development, Malini Saba is a caring and responsible mother. She creates time to be with her family despite being busy working in her enterprises. Saba does not employ nannies to take care of her child and instead she does simple duties such as taking her to school. Malini Saba is an eminent entrepreneur who has made noteworthy accomplishments in her life.


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