Gregory Aziz and the growth of National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz is the CEO of the largest railroad freight cars manufacturing company in North America known as National steel car. It is a company that has stayed in the industry for over one hundred years. National steel Car was started in 1912 and remains one of the best companies to have ever been started in the region. It is in the line of engineering and manufacturing. The company has been able to maintain a good name in the industry due to good leadership of managers such as Gregory J Aziz. He took over the company with great devotion and commitment to the work of making the company great.


Gregory James Aziz is an economist and entrepreneur. As an economist, he possesses the know-how on what it takes to invest in a company that is struggling and make it grow rapidly. It is a company that has seen huge improvements in recent past following development and expansion measure taken by the current CEO. Gregory J. Aziz bought National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco at a time when the production capacity was too low. He made sure that he brought changes that would see the company move to another level of growth.


Gregory Aziz armed with his experience working in the investment banking sector was up to the task. Greg Aziz came up with a plan to recruit top engineers who would work on the production system. The engineers would also make sure that only quality product came out of the company. He then established a good customer service channel. Greg knew very well that the customers are the oxygen for any company. Without making good sales, the company is as good as dead. One way of attracting the customers was through quality products. In the history of National Steel Car, it has always been associated with quality products. Greg Aziz built on this reputation and moved the operations to an even higher level. Get Additional Information Here.


National steel car is now one of the best-performing companies in the region. The company has a production capacity of over 12000 railroad freight cars every year. It has also acquired the services of over 2000 workers. National steel car has won accolades for its improved production capacity. It has been a consistent winner of the TTX SECO awards. It is also ISO certified as a company that has met all the global manufacturing standards set by the regulators.

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