Get The Most Out Of Any FreedomPop Plan By Tweaking The Services

January 5, 2017Mobile Plans Standard

Reading a FreedomPop review can ultimately lead any customer to find the right cell phone plan, especially if they are a new customer to FreedomPop. There are now several plans available from FreedomPop. There are even ways to tweak any plan to fit the customer’s needs, so they aren’t forced to pay for anything extra but will still get what they’re looking for. The free cell phone plan can have additions to it, which may be important because it only comes with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and unlimited text messages.


Even though the amount of text messages in the free service is fine, the 200 minutes of talk time may not be enough to serve every user, and the 500 MB of data may not be enough for some people. Using Wi-Fi service to add onto the data is a great choice, and purchasing additional data or filling out offers to get more free data can also work. As far as the talk time, those who have a smartphone with Wi-Fi capabilities will always be able to make phone calls over Wi-Fi, which helps them to get more talk time.


There is also an automatic top up amount of $10 for the free service plan, but turn off this feature on the account to disable the function, and the user can choose another way to get additional data for their account. The paid plan that costs $10.99 has the same top up feature for data because it only comes with 500 MB of data. Even though the talk time and texts are unlimited in the paid plan, the limited data means that the user will have to be creative in order to get additional data, or they’ll have to pay for more data when they need it.


A great service plan that allows the user all the data they could possibly use is the unlimited everything plan, which is similar to the paid plan and comes with 3G data after the 1 GB of 4G LTE data has been depleted. Many favor the unlimited everything plan the most because it’s usable anywhere and doesn’t require the usage of Wi-Fi services to get unlimited data. There is also a way to tweak the unlimited everything plan, such as adding additional gigabytes of 4G LTE data, which cost five dollars for each additional gigabyte.


Lily Adrien

The technology could be really useful if it allowed some smarter savings from calls but it can be seen as relevant for business class only. Now, from best essays it looks tome like I am not the only one that shares similar view. As I think of this, if there is any serious plan to save on mobile, having a very flexible plan that span over a very long time is best.