George Soros Experienced War Firsthand That Is Why He Is Advocating For Accountable Governments

George Soros knows exactly why kind of ruling regime is critical. He has seen the effects of a dictatorial regime firsthand, in fact, he has experienced. George fled his home in the wake of the Second World War. The Nazis had occupied Hungary and were not sparing any Jews. It was through his father’s ingenuity that he survived. His father procured false identities for him and the rest of the family and separated them so as to ensure that at least one person survives to carry with them the family name.

After escaping the war-torn Hungary, George Soros found a new home in England. He did menial jobs to see himself through college. It is at the prestigious London School of Economics that, Soros came across the fundamentals of philosopher Karl Popper. They inspired him into developing his set of virtues and guiding pillars. Under his philosophy, he conceptualizes two kinds of political administrations, one in which the masses elect a leader who’s supposed to advance the interests of the people and another one in which the ruling class seeks to advance its political agenda at the expense of the electorate’s agenda. This understanding of political regimes has pushed Soros to be an advocate for change and seek to promote the rise of open societies in which political leaders are accountable to their people.

In the wake of the US general elections, Soros had pumped over $13 million in campaign funds to help Hillary Clinton clinch the presidency. The 2016 election was not the first time that he took an active role in ensuring that the right political regime is installed. In 2004, Soros donated $27 million in campaign funds to oppose George Bush’s re-election in 2004.

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Apart from his active role in the national and international politics, George Soros has also had a lot of impact in the world of philanthropy. He is the man behind the Open Society Foundations, charities with annual budgets totaling to over $300 million. The funds are used to run various programs that advocate for freedom of expression, transparency, accountable governments, and society that promote fairness.

According to the Open Society Foundations’ website, Soros has been able to disburse over $12 billion in funds to the foundations. George Soros is determined to use his wealth to positively impact on individuals especially the youth from all over the world. He sees his role in helping people as a messianic call. After the US general elections, he donated $10 million that was meant to caution vulnerable communities against the effects of the “hateful” Trump agenda.

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He trusts that Donald Trump is a domineering president who gouges the picture of the United States as the main vote based system on the planet. George Soros is candid with regards to the point of a Trump administration. It is so important that could do what they need to do and it means something else which is very good for all of them to have everything.