Fabletics Is Creating An Online Workout Apparel Empire

March 1, 2017Fashion Standard

Looking for trendy and stylish workout clothing? Want high quality, but not a high price tag? Want comfort and softness you will want to wear all day long? Look no farther than Fabletics clothing. Fabletics was started to bring quality workout clothing to their members at a price they could afford. Not only is their clothes affordable, they are stylish and they keep up with the latest trends in workout apparel. Their clothing holds up to many launderings, keeping their color and resisting fading. After many workouts, their clothes still hold their shape and retain their compression that is important in workout apparel.


Fabletics goal, inspired by actress Kate Hudson, is to inspire people to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Their affordable yet quality clothing hit a niche in the apparel industry that was not being filled. Fabletics has become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. They have been able to take on industry giants like Amazon, who receives twenty percent of apparel sales. Their success can be seen even in their physical stores. Many companies are having a difficult time with their traditional brick and mortar stores. People will come into the stores to see the items in person and then purchase those items online at a cheaper price. Fabletics is changing this way of shopping. They started as an online-only company, but have started to open physical stores as a supplement to their online business, and to give another level of customer service to their members. When their customers shop in their stores, the items also go into their online shopping cart. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their customers purchase in store or online because their clothing is exclusive to Fabletics. Their stores allow them to get to know the styles and trends in the areas they serve and tailor the clothing offered to those preferences. Up to fifty percent of those that enter their stores already members, but another twenty-five percent become members while they are in the store. This creates an even larger, loyal customer base for Fabletics.


Fabletics members start their membership with a discounted outfit. They are then charged a low monthly fee to receive an outfit each month, delivered to their door for free. If they don’t want an outfit that month, they can simply choose to skip a month. To help tailor the website to each member’s preferences, they take a lifestyle quiz to determine their preferences and exercise choices. The results help the website choose what outfit the member would enjoy the most, and tailor the options to their likes and dislikes. This makes it much easier for their members to shop their site. They can pick out an outfit they’ll love in a matter of minutes. They don’t need to waste time searching the site for the perfect outfit. Fabletics makes it easy for people with busy lives to get stylish, quality, and affordable workout clothing they will want to wear all day long.