Eric Puliers Bridge to the 21st Century

August 10, 2016Technology Standard

Eric Pulier, a well-known technologist was chosen in 1997 to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century,” A Presidential technology exhibition. This exhibit was designed with celebrating in mind, the inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore for a 2nd term.

This event ran for several days in the Mall of Washington, DC and attendance was in the thousands. The crowds of people who attended included members of the congress and senate, as well as the Supreme Court. There was no surprise to see that Bill Clinton and Al Gore also attended.

With cameras making their way into all of the exhibit tents, Eric Pulier and his Bridge to the 21st Century could be seen in featured broadcasts on most every news station in the United States. The camera crews and reports walked through each of the exhibits in just the order Pulier had the different sections set up. He wanted the order of these sections to show the effect of mathematical exponents in new technologies will change how we live in the not too distant future.

Some of the areas that Pulier displayed in his exhibit included government, health care, the environment, education, and exploring space. Pulier also raised all of the funds personally by soliciting corporate and personal donations. He was solely responsible for all of the many other aspects of putting together the components that were going to make this a significant event.



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The last thing Pulier set up was something that had never been done before. He arranged a live feed from space that included real-time interaction with the astronauts on the Space Shuttle. That alone would help rushmyessay uk service to have a lot for themselves and still become what they want to be.