Doe Deere Brightens The World With Crazy Colored Lime Crime Makeup

March 28, 2017Women in Business Standard

For some women, beige makeup palettes are a way of life, almost like wearing a cosmetics uniform. Every shade is “safe” and “proper,” and when you want to go bold, red is the standby.


Doe Deere likes to believe there is more to life than conformity and old school tradition. That is partly why the Russian born entrepreneur launched Lime Crime makeup in 2008. She wasn’t looking to fit in; she merely wanted to be herself, and that’s a very empowering way to grow.


In an interview with, Doe Deere mentioned that she moved to New York City at 17 to pursue music. She joined a band and met her future husband Mark there. Doe Deere was a creative soul and artist, anxious to try many new things like fashion design, where she could add her whimsical touch.


Doe Deere enjoyed dressing in bold color ensembles with feminine details and coloring her hair in any shade she desired. Lavender, pink, blue, orange, it was fun, sexy and all good.


When it came to makeup, the brighter the better for Doe Deere. She was having trouble finding vivid cosmetics, however, and couldn’t understand how a city the size of NYC was lacking in edgy, modern makeup. So, she courageously and foolishly jumped in, hoping there was a market for Lime Crime.


Boy, was she right. These days, Lime Crime is the little darling of social media, with its Instagram followers numbering more than 2.8 million global fans. Lime Crime is mainly sold through e-commerce but is also available in popular brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters.


Lime Crime makeup is a little bad a**, naughty, glamorous and beauty-forward. The palettes not only offer vivid, hauntingly beautiful colors but pretty touches like glitter, iridescence and more. The pigments are bold and long-lasting, and the famous Velvetines liquid matte lipsticks are out of this universe. There are cool eye shadows that no other company ever features, and their uniqueness is in a class of its own.


Fans love collecting each item that hits the market, and Lime Crime makeup has found its way on to the red carpet. Both Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry have been photographed in the brand’s bright, gorgeous lipsticks.


One of Lime Crime’s newest hits is their Hi-Lite Palette (Opal highlighter powder). Just a quick sweep across the cheekbones, and your bone structure comes alive.


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Ophelia Kolby

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