David McDonald Of OSI Group Is An Inspirational Leader

January 15, 2018David McDonald, OSI Group Standard

A leader plays the instrumental role of guiding employees. In fact, the performance of an organization solely, relies on the input of its leader. All too often, a leader is expected to guide employees. Bearing in mind that the input of the workers is relatively proportional to the output of the organization, it is factual that good leadership promotes success. One leader who has successfully managed to guide his people and organization to greatness is David McDonald. The head cheerleader of the organization barely prides himself on being a role model for OSI Group. He joined the firm with the hope of guiding it to greatness, a plan he has managed to execute.

Leadership Position

David McDonald , prominently known as Dave, is the present COO of the company. Initially, he was the project manager of OSI’s subsidiary, OSI Industries. He also served as the North American Institute as the chairman. From December 2008, he was of service to Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa. It is evident that David McDonald is instrumental in many ways as he has served as a leader in various capacities. In addition to his leadership roles, he sits at the board. He has been entrusted with this leadership position because of his vast experiences and skills at work.


Dave attended the Iowa University. He majored in animal science and has been positive about using his academic credentials and talent to guide his people. For the past 30years he has worked for OSI Group, a lot has been achieved in multiple capacities. Dave exudes confidence and realism when dealing with his people. He has not only been guiding the employees to put a lot of work to the growth of the company but also involved himself in growing his skills. Until now, OSI Group thrives on Dave’s leadership and the ability to generate new , business strategies.

Leadership Roles

In his capacity as the lead executive, David McDonald oversaw the supply of meat-based food products to China and other countries. In China specifically, OSI Group was the primary supplier of beef , eggs and chicken in the Beijing Games. The customer feedback is something to go by as nobody complained about the food.

The Conclusion

Dave is an instrumental leader. He has guided OSI Group and helped in growing the business portfolio in numerous ways. With his input, OSI Group has managed to expand its territories by venturing into export’s business.