Daniel Taub, the man who took Israel – British Relationship to the next level

October 6, 2017Israel Standard

The British-Israel relations have grown very healthy. Both view each other as strategic partners in their respective continents. Israeli immigrants have lived in Britain and have made a tremendous contribution to their host nations in various capacities. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

One such person is the outgoing Daniel Taub Israel’s ambassador to Britain. After four years of serving in that capacity, Taub is stepping down satisfied that he has done enough to strengthen even the bond between Israel and Britain.

Born in Britain in 1962, Taub considered himself an Israeli. During his last day as the ambassador, he wore the traditional Israel way when he visited the Queen.

Born in the Great Britain, Taub had the privilege of studying in some of the most prestigious instructions of higher learning in the world. He studied at Oxford University, University College of London and Harvard’s University Kennedy School of government.

In 1989, he moved back to Israel and joined the Israeli defense force as a combat doctor and reserve officer under the division of international law. He started his diplomatic career in 1991 serving in several strategic roles. In 2011, he was appointed ambassador until 2015 when he stepped down. He now acts as a director at Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

During his ambassadorial occupation, Taub won many hearts regarding his leadership style and how he handled all the issues that came before him. He never hesitated to defend the interests of Israel when he was needed.

Taub engaged several people including Britain scholars and politicians to propel Israel’s agenda. He took the opportunity of Britain’s media to speak on issues prompting him to appear on several British newsrooms. Taub talked openly on matters touching the instability in the Middle East and Britain’s politics.

Besides his ambassadorial role, Daniel Taub took part in peace negotiation processes such as Israel-Palestinian crisis and Israel-Syria negotiation.

One of the highlights of his career was that the business partnership between Britain and Israel. This is because it doubled and deepened to a great extent. According to records, the business ties doubled up to about $7 billion. He further oversaw the deepening academic, cultural and educational links between both countries.

So as Daniel Taub steps down, he will be proud of his achievements. He has indeed put himself on the history wall, and Israelis consider him the best diplomat since the tenure of Shlomo Argov.

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