Cutting edge practice and modern plastic surgery with Dr Jennifer Walden

October 20, 2017Doctor, Dr Jennifer Walden Standard

Doctor Jenniefer Walden is a well-known plastic surgeon, media personality and native of Austin Texas. After spending her entire young life growing up in Texas, she was accepted to her first fellowship in New York. Under the guidance of doctor Sherrell Aston at the Manhattan Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital, she learned hands on about medicine. It was here in New York that participates in the clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicone in cosmetic breast implants. With the significant experience under her belt, she had to realize that she was able to do more. In 2011 she returned home to Austin and opened her own plastic surgery practice. Within four years her experience and skill earned her the title of “one best plastic surgeons in America” according to American Way.

Dr. Jennifer Walden stands out not because she has decades of experience, but instead because she’s willing to pioneer the development of advanced technologies at her practices. Her procedures are constantly revised and improved based on new information and research done by her and other professionals in the cosmetic surgery community. She’s known for using Vectra 3D, a software that allows people to get an idea of what they will look like before the procedure even begins. She understands that the vision is someone’s head is not always the vision that’s possible, and that it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that reality and the idea or as close as possible.

Because she focuses on all these new technologies and techniques, Dr. Walden doesn’t have any single specific specialty. At her office, she can turn “back the time” by reducing wrinkles in a client’s face one hour and will reshape someone’s body by the removing excess skin and fat the next. She’s also one of the few plastic surgery clinics that also offers successful hair restoration services in addition to more traditional plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Walden is proof that it is possible to learn and do it all. Beyond her talent in the medical field lines that drive like no other; she’s always willing to learn and it proved herself just as her clients seek to improve their appearance and sense of well-being with her services.