Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Get to Work in Pennsylvania Special Election

February 21, 2018Uncategorized Standard

The political action committee known as End Citizens United is getting busy in 2018 as important elections begin to take place all throughout the United States. End Citizens United was founded two years ago in order to fight back against corruption and dark money flooding through politics. Now, End Citizens United is continuing their work by endorsing prominent legislators who are also willing to step up and go to battle against lobbyists flooding into D.C. End Citizens United recently made headlines when they endorsed Conor Lamb, a Democrat running for a seat in the 18th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Conor Lamb is a former marine, and a newcomer to the political scene but he is already harvesting some enthusiasm among his base in a traditionally red district. The 18th Congressional District hasn’t gone to a Democrat since the early ’90s thanks in large part to the fact that the district has been heavily gerrymandered. Still, with that in mind, Lamb is continuing to grow enthusiasm among his base while getting out his message. Lamb will be taking on Rick Saccone, an establishment Republican, who has the backing of President Donald Trump and the rest of the RNC.

Conor Lamb attended a rally at the American Hall legion in the southwest suburbs of Pittsburgh and you could immediately tell that his base is starting to get excited about the March 13th special election. There were 85 people in attendance, the majority of which were sporting pro-Lamb and progressive hats and t-shirts. Lamb was greeted as if he were a certifiable rockstar, with fans across the spectrum celebrating the rally. Lamb’s appeal to both veterans and union laborers could be the recipe for success in Pennsylvania, but he can’t grow content with his outreach. That, in fact, is where End Citizens United comes into play.

End Citizens United has been working vigorously over the past 18 months to help generate enthusiasm among their progressive base. The job for End Citizens United has been easier than ever thanks to a historic downturn in popularity for President Trump. End Citizens United has already raised nearly $11 million through their fundraising efforts and some of that money will go to help Lamb get the word out. Since President Trump’s election, 34 of 39 electoral seats at the state level have flipped blue while an additional Senate and governor seat have also flipped to Democrats. Could this mean that Lamb has a chance to turn a deep-red district blue?


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