Brad Reifler and The “Money Monster”

August 16, 2016Business and Philanthropy Standard

In a recent Hollywood release called “Money Monster,” George Clooney plays one of the people affected when a disgruntled small investor goes haywire and takes over a television studio during a taping of a show that offers “hot stock tips.” It seems the investor lost his shirt when he followed the advice of the show’s host, and now he wants revenge.

This is a great setup for a dramatic hostage situation, but is there any truth behind the scenario? Financial expert Brad Reifler, who is the CEO of Forefront Capital, says there is.

Though “Money Monster” is just a Hollywood film, Reifler, who has spent his career working to make a difference for small investors, feels it touches on some of the anger people feel as part of the 99 percent in the US. The truth is that most of the great investment opportunities right now are open to the 1 percent of the population who have the wealth to take advantage of great investment deals. The other 99 percent have long been working at a disadvantage, and in Reifler’s view, that needs to change.

Three Disadvantages For Small Investors

Reifler notes that small investors have three major difficulties in gaining access to the big opportunities out there. One problem is the hefty fees they must pay in order to make investments. Non-accredited investors are also not given access to larger opportunities like hedge funds, private investments and private funds. Finally, the funds that these smaller investors do have access to are generally linked to the stock market, which makes them risky.

Reifler started Forefront Capital as a way to create more chances for these small investors to get in on the real wealth that big investors have access to.


Seawright Felix

In his view, this is the only way we can keep building up abundance in the US and to keep the middle class strong. It’s Reifler’s view that small investors must be given much greater access to big opportunities out there. This is also a good way for rushessay to have all that they instead of giving up for them.