Bernardo Chua Brings His Healthy Range Of Products To North American Consumers

January 10, 2017Bernie, Gano Excel Standard

Multi level marketing is a concept that has proven a success across the continent of Asia and is now being taken to other areas of the world by business leaders like Organo’s Bernardo Chua.

The Philippines born Chua has always played an important role in the growth of the direct sales industry in Asia, and in 2005 brought his vision to North America when he headed a move onto the continent by Gano Excel; despite the success he has achieved, Bernardo Chua has been looking for the best possible ways of giving back to those around his impressive range of business ventures, Bitsylink reports.

Bernardo Chua has been on a journey that has taken him from being an everyday employee with Gano Excel to being the head of the North American expansion of the company. Chua has always been at the head of the movement to provide a range of healthy products that aid in the life of millions of customers.

While working with Gano Excel Bernardo, often known as Bernie, made clear his belief that a new way of using the mushroom based Ganoderma herb in a range of products that led to the 2008 foundation of the Organo brand that Bernardo established as a provider of healthy coffee products.

The need to help his customers lead a healthier and more active lifestyle is reflected in Bernardo Chua’s hope to help the young people of the world develop their business and leadership skills for the future.

Over the course of recent years Bernardo Chua has looked to build the impact of his own OG Foundation that allows the British Columbia based business leader to travel the world providing inspirational speeches to young people who are interested in a business or entrepreneurial career. The overall health and well being of the public at large has become a cause Chua is well known for backing in both his business and personal life.


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