Are You Ready for 2017 Block Chain Added to Your Online Transactions?

December 8, 2016US Money Reserve Standard

Do you remember when globalists were telling the world that “BitCoin block chains” and “gold” were anathema? Well, for some reason, Fortune believes that 15% to 25% of banks plan on instituting block chain in 2017. So, if “block chain” is suddenly hip again, then maybe “gold” is trending also.



What is Block Chain?


Banks come in all shapes and sizes, speaking different languages and following different laws. The BitCoin digital currency used “block chain” to authenticate financial transactions from different parties. Block chain is basically “computer source code,” which is sent along with your transaction.


Instead of using a physical signature or credit card magnetic stripe to authenticate the validity of your electronic money, some banks want to use block chain. This is ideal for record-keeping. With BitCoin, the block chain included all of its financial transactions, which had ever taken place.



Online Banking Still Has Security Problems


Financial institutions remain very conservative organizations, who emphasize secrecy, efficiency and prudence. This mentality is in direct contrast to the “open” Internet community. Some financial institutions might try block chain in 2017 to help them expand their online banking reach.



If You Don’t Buy Gold …


… it leaves more for the greedy bankers.


Wealthy people understand that sometimes, even powerful institutions are not exactly forthcoming with asset valuations. For example, while some billionaires were criticizing gold publicly, they were purchasing gold privately. They might have even visited the US Money Reserve eCommerce coin catalogue.


“Money is gold, nothing else,” said J.P. Morgan in 1912. If this wealthy man appreciated gold, shouldn’t you?


Look and see what is available online from the comfort of your own home or office. You might have an aching suspicion that things are amiss in the world’s economic sphere. The US Money Reserve online coin catalogue saves you time, you don’t need to drive down to a local coin dealer.


Gold, silver and platinum coins come in many types, including the top certified bullion coins, rare and commemorative varieties. There are commemorative coins for World Series victories, historical battles and even monumental votes, like Brexit. This is a great way to grab a bit of history, while protecting your wealth.


BitCoin and gold are alternatives to paper fiat IOUs. By diversifying your financial portfolio with gold, you are simply “doing what the wealthy are doing,” behind-the-scenes.



Amaris Corey

It sounds all exciting and really the opportunity could have been well appreciated but in reality, it is very technical to manage. Review of essaysontime shows that this is not something to have with that amount of ease, the cost of the technology needed to manage it is one thing to consider. Security needs also comes up as the most important barrier to adopting it on a genuinely secured means.