Anthony Petrello and his Philanthropic Thoughts in his High-flying Career

December 21, 2017Uncategorized Standard

Many successful executives contribute their money to philanthropic efforts but do not spend their time to give direction or vision to the charity efforts. But, Anthony Petrello, the Chief Executive of the reputed Nabors Industries, is different as he provides the contribution in both the ways. While many think that he is just part of the advisory boards of organizations to give instruction, Petrello works closely with research groups or institutions and helps them to make a comprehensive approach to their efforts. He is one of the biggest contributors and supporters of Texas Medical Center located in Houston. He closely works with the medical center to ensure the best of everything for the patients.

Petrello also contributed nearly $7 million to help the Texas Children’s Hospital in its research efforts on neurological conditions of children. He gives his thoughts and ideas since he assumed on the board of trustees of the hospital. Interestingly, the financial assistance of Petrello helped the hospital to construct a complex pediatric neurological care center called Jan and Dan Duncan Neurology Research Institute. It is considered as the last hope for children across the globe for neurological conditions, and it advances very often through extensive research and cutting-edge treatment solutions.

The success of the Institute is due to the financial support of Petrello and his demand to come up with highest quality treatment options for children struggling with neurological conditions. The major reason he was focusing his thoughts on medical conditions was after his daughter born with the neurological disorder. Anthony Petrello identified that there were no advanced treatment options available for the neurological conditions in children during those days. He thought of changing this and started collaborating with Texas Children’s Hospital that could save thousands of children in the later years. Petrello also established an endowment to honor his dearest math professor with a total endowment price until now reached $300,000.

Anthony Petrello began his career a leading law firm named Baker & McKenzie, which is based in Chicago. During his period from 1979 to 1991, Petrello practiced general corporate law, international arbitration, and taxation. After leaving the law firm, he joined Nabors – the leader in oil and natural gas drilling –as its COO and President in 1991. In 2011, Petrello elevated to the Chief Executive Officer role of the drilling firm. Since mid-2012, he is also serving as the company Board Chairman. Earlier, he completed masters in Mathematics from Yale University and J.D. degree from Harvard.

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