Aloha Restoration is a Fully Licensed Firm

August 29, 2017Aloha Restoration, Business Standard

Aloha Restoration is a fully licensed firm that specializes in home renovation and other home services. In particular, the firm offers Kitchen remodeling, professional basement finishing, and bathroom remodeling. Aloha Restoration has a team of highly professional builders and remodelers who are readily available to get your home renovation needs sorted out. Most importantly, Aloha Restoration puts their clients’ needs as their first priority.

As part of their remodeling work, Aloha Restoration offers local carpet cleaning at affordable and reliable prices. The firm grew from simple carpet steam cleaning to deep cleaning of seeded fleas carpets. Unlike other unqualified cleaning experts, Aloha Restoration has a team of qualified personnel who work diligently around the clock. Due to their inclusive nature, Aloha Restoration has a recorded a high number of clients in need of their services. The Illinois-based firm believes in transparency. They also advise their customers on the right size of carpets to apply in a room. In addition, Aloha Restoration offers the best smoke remediation and smoke abatement at Illinois. They remove soot and stains from the kitchen that can affect your health by causing odors in the house.

Aloha Restoration is a privately owned business that has been in operation for close to 12 years now. The company is owned by Shawn Trimble. The firm deals with mold remediation, home renovations, and fire and water damage restoration. Aloha Restoration offers day and night emergency services to their clients on the island of Oahu. In fact, it is well recognized by many because of their quick response whenever needed. The firm has an impressive rating of 4.9.

One thing that stands out at Aloha Restoration is the free in-home assessments provided to their customers. At Aloha Restoration, the cost of remodeling depends on the size of each room, age of the home, cost of materials, and client’s vision of the project. Lastly, Aloha Restoration believes in efficiency and transparency.