Alexandre Gama Is A Great Figure In Advertising Across Brazil

May 28, 2018Uncategorized Standard

When most Brazilian businesspeople think of advertising excellence, Alexandre Gama, Neogama, and the pair’s extensive success across the 26 states of Brazil since 1982 pops to mind.

Alexandre Gama’s specialty is unarguably marketing, advertising, communicating en masse in a commercial context, and promoting the likenesses, products, and services of various businesses all throughout Brazil, though Mr. Alexandre Gama is a well-rounded entrepreneur and consumer of the arts.

Arguably the greatest accomplishment of the Brazil native’s career is being named to the Global Creative Board of the Publicis Group. One might wonder, “What’s so special about that?” Mr. Alexandre Gama was the very first Brazilian native to be appointed to the high-caliber board of directors that all are tasked with creating new means of carrying out advertising functions in markets all around the world.

Mr. Gama is one of just six people – this count includes himself – to be a long-standing official member of the company’s Global Creative Board. Further, the privilege to be an integral part of an international business conglomerate’s highest-ranking advertising-related board of directors is even more jaw-dropping because the Publicis Groupe had netted a whopping $1,039 million in 2017 alone.

The king of Brazil’s advertising industry – none other than, of course, Mr. Alexandre Gama – has worked for some of the hottest large-scale corporate advertising agencies, including Almap BBDO, Young & Rubicam (Y&R is the famous firm’s current name), Standard Ogilvy & Mather (today the Big Apple-based firm is named Ogilvy & Mather), and DM9.

After working as the CEO and CCO of Young & Rubicam’s global operations from 1996 to 1999, Mr. Alexandre Gama finally acted upon his long-standing urge to leave his employer and create the advertising agency of his dreams – days later, Neogama was born.