A Rare Corpse Flower Brings Hundreds To Orange Coast College

August 8, 2017Best Education Standard

Students, faculty and curious members of the community flocked to Orange Coast College’s administration building to get a glimpse of the stunning Amorphophallus titanum flower. The endangered Indonesian flower needs to grow for ten years before its first bloom, and will only bloom every three to five years after that.

The flower will eventually grow to be over 200 pounds and isn’t just beautiful; it also has an immediately recognizable scent. It smells like a rotting corpse. The Amorphophallus titanum earned itself the nickname of “corpse flower” and with blooms that only last for a day or two, the putrid petals drew a huge crowd to the community college. Learn more about Orange Coast College: https://www.linkedin.com/edu/orange-coast-college-20116 and http://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/news/tn-dpt-me-occ-planetarium-20170711-story.html

While the corpse flower, affectionately named “Little Dougie” provided an unprecedented learning experience for horticulture majors, Orange Coast College has so much more to offer its students.

An estimated 24,000 undergraduate students currently attend the Costa Mesa, California community college. Students can obtain a two year associate of art or science degree at the college. They can also complete a vast majority of their general education requirements before transferring to a four-year university.

Orange Coast College has been providing a quality education at an affordable price since 1948. Lauded for being one of the best transfer institutions in the United States, OCC also offers an exciting social life to its student body.

The Athletic Department students with the opportunity to pursue their athletic aspirations. The school’s mascot, Pete the Pirate is well known throughout the community, as are the student athletes.

The Orange Coast College campus is constantly being updated to give students the best education possible. A 120-seat planetarium is currently under construction.

A math, business and computer center was recently completed, along with a new library and art center. OCC even added a Starbucks to the campus for students’ convenience.


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