A Pattern In Kyle Bass

August 31, 2016People in Business Standard

Kyle Bass exhibits behaviors which indicate a pattern. It’s easy enough to spot, for those who know what to look for. Consider his roots, first and foremost. Bass is originally from Argentina; he’s an Argentine by birth. He now runs a hedge fund out of Texas called Hayman Capital Management.

He regularly supports the decisions of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, leader of Argentina, and he runs pseudo-humanitarian group CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Additionally, he has just said that China’s economy will likely implode under the weight of its credit bubble within the next three years, forcing a currency devaluation. What do all these things have in common? Socialism.

Kyle Bass seems to be using socialist financial ethic in basically all his financial dealings. First, there’s the hedge fund. A hedge fund primarily profits from the losses of big-ticket capitalistic, corporate powers.

Bass’ hedge fund performs poorly, but its core principles are consistent with socialist ethic. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is described by many as a socialist despot–she’s so bad at money that the country has faced default on two occasions under her leadership. It was over a relatively short time frame of just thirteen years, too.

Next, there’s CAD, which uses lawsuits and petitions to force stock-drops on Wall Street which Bass can short-sell. Sure, the sick pay less for their medicine, but at the cost of lost future cures and treatments which are suspended when big-ticket pharmaceuticals must curtail Research and Development funding. Last but not least is the socialist angle of Bass’ current anti-China gambit.

Kyle Bass predicted this would happen in the next two to three years. He said it would happen with forty to fifty percent accuracy in 2016. As of August, it has yet to happen. But when it does, Bass’ billion dollar investment will pay off at the expense of a 20% loss in American economy; which is definitely in line with socialist/globalist ideals.

That Kyle Bass is saying things about the economy dropping by the end of the year indicates he may be trying to spook investors such that the implosion happens more quickly.  Read more about the real Kyle Bass in UsefulStooges article exposing his career.  The article can be found here: https://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/



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